Valhalla’s fiber craft patterns

This is a collection of patterns for fiber crafts, mostly knitting and crochet, designed or adapted by Elena “of Valhalla”.

Most patterns in this collection are actually recipes, to be adapted to the yarn and gauge of your choice; suggestions are given for the intended range of yarns, and for the yarns I’ve actually used while developing the patterns (and in further makes).

The patterns are organized by part of the body and then alphabetically, with no distinction of technique (knitting, crochet, etc.).

The latest version of this document is published on; a pdf version and an epub version are also available; note however that this document is pretty image heavy, and may not load correctly in many ebook readers.

The full source of this document is available as a source zip archive or a source tarball

There is also a companion website for sewing patterns.

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These patterns are #FreeSoftWear.

Copyright 2021–2022 Elena Grandi

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